Lidl, Wishaw opening hours

Wishaw is one of the stores that belong to the Lidl network, placed at 80 Roberts Street, ML2 7JF. The store serves clients arriving from surrounding localities, like Bonkle, Bogside, Garrion Bridge, Morningside. Clients may benefit from 4 facilities such as Freshly baked products, Parking, Disabled Parking, Disabled parking.


  • 80 Roberts Street
  • Wishaw
  • ML2 7JF


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Opening hours

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  • Freshly baked products
  • Parking
  • Disabled Parking
  • Disabled parking

Other brands nearby are Home Bargains in Glasgow Road, Wishaw, Glasgow - only 0.04 miles away, Post Office in Wishaw - about 0.04 miles away, Card Factory in Wishaw - at a distance of 0.07 miles, Poundland in Wishaw - about 0.09 miles away and WH Smith in WHSmith Main Street, Wishaw - at a distance of 0.10 miles.